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We at Innova Priority Solutions, have gained expertise in manufacturing and exporting Waste Water Decoloring Agent. It is a quaternary cationic Polymer which is used for color removal for textile, dyeing industries and light color liquid from other industries.


1. Decoloring agent, COD decreasing
2. Mainly used for color removal for dense color waste water from dyestuffs plants, suitable to treat waste water with activated, acidic and disperse dyestuffs 
3. Can also be used to treat waste water from textile industry and dye houses, pigment industry, printing ink industry and paper industry


Can be stored at room temperature, cannot be placed in the sun, within a temperature range of 10 – 30 °C.

Physical Properties :

Sr. No.
Physical Properties:-
 Appearance  light-color, sticky liquid
 Viscosity  50 - 250mPa.s


  1. Dilutes with 10 - 40 times water and then dosed into the waste water   directly, after being mixed for several minutes, waste is precipitated or air-floated and the water become clear

  2. pH index of the waste water should be adjusted to 7 - 8 for better result

  3. If colority and COD are relatively high, it can be used with the help of poly aluminum chloride to reduce treatment cost, whether poly aluminum chloride is used before or afterwards depends on the flocculation test and the treatment process


    50Kgs drum, 100Kgs drum & 250Kgs drum


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