Filter Press API

Filter Press API in India

We Innova Priority Solutions, are one of the leading Exporter, Manufacturer & suppliers of Filter Press API from Delhi, India Based, One of the most important properties of drilling fluids is its filtration properties and ability to form a thin tough almost impermeable filter cake.

For drilling operations where it is difficult to maintain a supply of compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, the Dead Weight Hydraulic Filter press unit provides filter press and source of constant hydraulic pressure in one compact unit and is the simplest and most effective means of determining the filtration properties of drilling mud and cement slurries.

Dead Weight Hydraulic Filter Press is a perfect instrument to make simple representative measurements of mud filtration properties.

The Dead Weight Hydraulic Filter Press Assembly, as shown, consists of a water reservoir, piston and cylinder, dead weight, delivery pressure gauge, two check valves and a bleed-off valve-all mounted in a compact frame designed to stand upright and mounted directly on top of a workbench.

The hydraulic system has a volume sufficient to run the usual 30 minute filtration test without further attention from the operator.

It delivers 100 psi pressure to the filter cell as prescribed in API Code and requires minimum amount of maintenance.


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