Mud & Slurry Test Kit

Mud & Slurry Test Kit in India

We Innova Priority Solutions, are one of the leading Exporter, Manufacturer & suppliers of Mud & Slurry Test Kit from Delhi, The Mud & Slurry Test Kit is a field portable kit designed for measuring the properties of slurries formulated in the field.


This kit allows laboratory-quality measurements of viscosity, specific gravity/density, pH, Water hardness, and sand content.

In any job or trade special tools, equipment, and instruments are essential to effectively and efficiently complete our work. In the drilling industry we also have to have the proper tools and equipment.


Sometimes it’s amazing how a tool or piece of equipment as small or in expensive as it may seem can have such an impact on a drilling operation. The Mud / Slurry Test Kit contains all of the testing equipment you need in the field.


Items which are included in Mud & Slurry Test Kit

1. Mud Balance 
2. Marsh Funnel viscometer
3. Measuring Cup, 
4. pH sticks, 0 - 14 range, (100/box)
5. Wash Bottle
6. Stopwatch
7. Sand Content Kit
8. Sieve, 200 mesh, 2.5 inch diameter
9. Funnel, plastic
10. Tube, Sand Content, glass, graduated 0 – 20%
11. Thermometer
12. Water Hardness Kit


We deals in a good range of Industrial Drilling Testing Equipments, we serves it in all over world with best quality.


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