Antiscalants & Mineral Dispersants

Antiscalants & Mineral Dispersants manufacturers India

We are known as the trusted manufacturers of a wide range of Dispersant & cooling tower treatment chemicals. We are reputed as one of the most prominent Dispersant manufacturers and suppliers in India.

The prime use of dispersant is to deflocculate clay and related minerals suspension and also disperses pigments in glazes. It generally uses silicates and phosphates though help in dispersion and as the amount required is more and thus adds adverse alkali in the system.

It neutralizes surface charges on colloidal particles and disperses the formulation so that high solid content, low viscosity slurry is achieved.

Properties Unit Value
Appearance - Clear Pale yellow liquid
Clarity - Clear
Odor - Odorless
Solid content (%) % 40 - 45
Solubility in Water - Dilutable
pH value - 7.5 - 9.5
Viscosity (cps) cps 100 - 200
Density (g/cc) g/cc 1.24-1.26


  • In Ceramic Tiles
  • In Sanitary ware
  • In Pottery
  • In Ceramic Items

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