Innova MF-5000 Multifunctional Product

Multifunctional Product manufacturers India

We at Innova Priority Solutions, are known as the trusted manufacturers of a wide range of multifunctional product & cooling tower treatment chemicals. Innova MF-5000 is a multifunctional product designed to help maintain clean heat transfer surfaces in industrial cooling water systems.


This unique blend is formulated to inhibit both yellow metal corrosion and the formation of mineral scales and provides dispersancy for mud, silt, and other suspended solids Designed to inhibit formation of mineral scales


  • Disperses silt and other suspended solids.
  • Helps maximize heat transfer.
  • Multifunctional ‐ reduces the number of chemicals required
  • Can reduce maintenance costs and prolong equipment life.
  • Controls corrosion effectively even at high pH operating systems
  • It is designed to be used in alkaline pH water environments
  • Works at low dose rate leading cost effective operation.
  • Available in liquid form, easy to dose.


  • Open circulating and once through cooling system for effective corrosion and deposit Control.

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