Bio Dispersants

Bio Dispersants manufacturers India

We are known as the trusted manufacturers of a wide range of Bio-Dispersants & cooling tower treatment chemicals. It is a versatile, very effective dispersant. It removes slime from the system rendering it neat and clean.


It uniformly disperses chlorine and biocides in the entire system and prevents corrosion and enhances heat transfer efficiency.




Appearance     Colorless, Clear Liquid.
Odor       Slightly Pungent
Specific Gravity 0.90 To 0.91 At 25 Deg.C.
Viscosity  40- 45 Cp At 30 Deg.C.
Ph   5.5 – 6.5



  • Enhances the anti-microbial activity of biocides and chlorine.
  • Minimize the foul smell in the system.
  • Compatible with phosphate system of treatment.
  • Disperses microbial debris and prevent it from settling.
  • Excellent low-foam surfactant.
  • Non-corrosive and harmless to cooling tower woods.
  • Non- Toxic & Non-pollutant.
  • Biodegradable and leaves no residue in the system.

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