Yellow Metal Corrosion Inhibitors

Yellow Metal Corrosion Inhibitors manufacturers India

We Innova Priority Solutions, are known as the trusted manufacturers of a wide range of Yellow Metal Corrosion Inhibitors & cooling tower treatment chemicals.


Corrosion Inhibitors is a ortho phosphate and phosphonate based corrosion inhibitor designed for use in cooling water applications where control of corrosion is a major consideration.

Physical Properties :

Appearance Colourless Liquid
Odour Slightly Pungent
pH    2.5 –3.5
Specific Gravity  1.0 – 1.1
Viscosity 10- 12 cp at 30 °C

It can be fed to the cooling water or makeup water at a rate sufficient to provide a product dosage of 4pm to 6 ppm in the recirculating water.  Routine residual testing is normally unnecessary. it can be fed neat or from any convenient aqueous dilution.


Continuous feeding is preferable and normal materials of feed pump construction will be suitable. 15 ppm of it in the circulation water yields 4– 6 ppm of orthophosphate, and 2-3 ppm of organophosphonate in the system.

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