Oxidising Biocides

Oxidising Biocides manufacturers India

We are known as the trusted manufacturers of a wide range of Oxidizing Biocide & cooling tower treatment chemicals. Oxidizing Biocide is a precursor  for Chlorine di oxide, it is a powerful oxidizing chemical and it contains 2.5 times the oxidizing potential of chlorine .


It is very effective to treat algae/slime and effective against various water borne species,which grow in open recirculating cooling water systems.The organic contaminants are readily oxidized and chemically dispersed for ease removal  by bleed off.

Physical Properties :


Appearance Colourless Liquid
Odour Mild
pH    10.5 – 11.0
Density  101 – 1.2 @ 25 °C
Water Solubility Freely Soluble in Water.
Viscosity 20 – 55 cp @ 25°C



  •  It is effectively control algae, molds and rots.
  • Compatible with phosphate system of treatment in cooling towers.
  • Biodegradable and leaves no residue in the system.

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